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Save Radley Lakes Summer Fete 2007

After several weeks of miserable weather, the gods finally smiled on the day of the Save Radley Lakes Fete. The 28th of July was a glorious Saturday, warm, calm and not a drop of rain, tempted out hundreds of you to show support for the campaign and just generally have a good time.

Once again, the canine supporters of the campaign turned out in force to show their support and strut their stuff at the Family Dog Show. They came in droves, tails wagging, faces bright, some of them quite unable to contain their excited bounces and wuffs.  From the old and slow to the young and shiny, from pedigrees to mutts, the dog show contained  classes for all. Hardest of all, was a ‘leave the sausage ‘ class which, under the stress of the occasion, proved an impossible task for all except a few stalwarts! Judging was done by Jane Heritage of Vale Canine Companions and prizes and rosettes were donated by Seeney’s of Stratton Way , Abingdon.
Music was provided by the Big Boys Blues Band, five members of which very kindly gave up their afternoon to support the campaign. Their music provided the perfect accompaniment to a warm, sunny afternoon and a pint of beer.
A touch of the elegant and exotic came with two gorgeously dressed belly dancers from a group called ESHTA, arabic for ‘shimmy’, trained by the Abingdon Dance Studio. Dancers Kay White and Rita De Chadevarian were a delight to the eye and an inspiration to the other women on the field most of whom tried a surreptitious wiggle of the hips when they thought no-one else was looking.


Belly dancers

Marguerite Osbourne, a professional storyteller, regaled both adults and children with a tale topical to the campaign called ‘The Enchanted Lake’. Marguerite told the story from memory, acting the different characters and involving the audience with musical instruments and other ways.
Volunteers provided a large number of stalls and activities to entertain the assembled crowd, one of the most popular was ‘Knock Down the Cooling Towers’ where people vented their frustration with npower by knocking down miniature cooling towers with tennis balls to win a prize.


And the Towers came tumbling down…

Report submitted by M White. Photographs by B Crowley

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