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Sign up to receive emails from Radley Parish Council

Use this link to sign up to the Parish Council’s email circulation list or write to the clerk at clerk@radleyvillage.org.uk.   We use the circulation list to keep residents up to date on matters of interest in the village. 

If you already subscribe, you will have received an email asking you to confirm that you are happy to be continue to be contacted.  Thank you if you have already replied.  You can still reply to that email or write to the clerk.  The old list has been deleted so you won’t receive any more emails unless you re-subscibe.  

We only collect your name and email address.  We will only use them to send emails on relating to village matters. They will be held securely and we will not share them with anyone else. 

You can update your consent at any time by using the link which you will find at the bottom of every email or by emailing or writing directly to the parish clerk, whose contact details are also at the bottom of each email. If you have any questions at all, please do contact the clerk.

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