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The Goons come to Radley


Following the brutal SAS style eviction, on Tuesday, of a group of peaceful protestors who had been occupying “Sandles”, the house next to Thrupp Lake , the lake that RWE npower are still intent on turning into an ash dump, the house has now been occupied by a small army of faceless private shercurity [sic] guards (see above). These persons are now regularly patrolling the area, including the public rights of way and cycleway, photographing and eavesdropping on the public, especially those who choose to pass the time of day with the lone protestor (aka “The Ant”) who has encamped in the lane opposite the Sandles entrance. Many people find this behaviour intimidating and verging on the unacceptable. While the house may have been unlawfully occupied and npower may understandably not wish to see a repeat occurrence of this, there is no reason or excuse for the lack of respect that is being shown for local people and other members of the public visiting the lakes, many of whom have been doing so for many decades. Moreover, most local people have a great love for the area and its wildlife and certainly would not needlessly litter and despoil it with plastic tape, as these people have done. Members of the public, whether protestors or not, represent no danger to the lake or its wildlife. However, it is everyone’s wish that the same could be said for the current owners of the lake, npower, whose behaviour, or behaviour in whose name, is now quite over the top and certainly not becoming of a company that places any value upon its reputation.

The shercurity [sic] guards have a habit of going around in masks and carry no visible identification. It is therefore not possible to tell whether they are men, women or even people underneath their heavy coats, white hats and yellow jackets. Local people have nicknamed them “The Goons”, a name which will no doubt stick.

Some may say they are only doing their job. Well, they could go about it in a less intimidating manner and show a little more respect for the local community and the area in which they find themselves.


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