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The Oxfordshire Comet – New bookable transport service

Oxfordshire County Council has launched a bookable transport service for those who can’t access suitable public transport.

This is a not-for-profit service, created to allow people without suitable access to public transport to make the journeys they want.

The Oxfordshire Comet can be booked for any type of trip,  whether it’s to meet friends in town, travel across the county, attend an appointment or pop to the shops. The service is available 10.15am – 2.30pm Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays).

The Oxfordshire Comet is a pilot service that utilises the council’s minibus fleet when they are not in use, to the benefit of residents and communities. It has been designed to fill the transport gap in areas where people may not have suitable access to public transport and for people who have mobility issues.  Residents in all parts of Oxfordshire can benefit from this service from Banbury to Witney to Wantage to Henley to Didcot – this service is for the whole county.

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