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Village shop under threat – use it or lose it

DSJ News & Mini Mart, Church Road , Radley Tel 01235 202555


The shop is closing permanently on Saturday, 26 March due to “lack of support from the village and the termination of the shop lease”.

All deliveries cease from 5 March.

Dillons, who are based at the Peachcroft Shopping Centre off Lindsay Road, will be taking over the newspaper deliveries.  Dillions’ telephone number is 01235 532304.  The manager is Clive Jeffs.

The Peachcroft Shopping Centre is about 20-30 minutes walk to the west of Radley railway station.  Shops include a supermarket, newsagent, and a fast food outlet.

Alternatively there are similar shops in Kennington, which is on the 35/35A bus route to Oxford.

DSJ – We serve the village seven days a week:

Monday to Saturday 6.00 am to 6.00 pm

Sunday 7.00 am to 1.00 pm

Your local shop for newspapers, magazines, groceries, fresh milk, bread and eggs, wines, beer, sweets, cigarettes, etc. Newspapers delivered to Radley every day of the week.

The proprietor Derek Nutt writes:

‘I took the lease of the shop in 1988 from the late Mr Kitching in order to give my son and daughter a job, because they had been made redundant twice in one year. We built up the business and doubled the takings in three years. I took on staff as I had a full time job until I retired in 1998. I had hoped to spend my retirement with my late wife, but she only lived for 9 months after I retired. So I gave the shop to my son and to Shaun, who helped him to run it. They ran the shop for three years before they went bankrupt. To avoid letting down the village by leaving it without a shop, I came out of retirement to start up the shop again, with my new partner. We are slowly bringing the shop up to what it was before, but we do need the support of the village people to use it. Without that support, there will be no shop in Radley.’]

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