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Highlights of Meetings in 2009

December 2009

Potholes/Road Safety: The Parish Council is continuing its pressure on Oxfordshire Highways regarding potholes. It is felt that the criteria used to grade potholes are flawed especially as far as cyclists are concerned. Our Oxfordshire County Councillor has been appointed recently at the County’s Champion of Cyclists – and he appreciates the point made by the Parish Council as he is now seeing the potholes from the point of view of the cyclist.

Planning Matters: Planning matters are taken very seriously by the Parish Council. A small group of Councillors look in detail at all planning applications before they are considered by the full Parish Council. If you are consulted about any planning application and put in comments to the District Council, please send a copy of these to the Parish Council so the Councillors are aware of your concerns. If the Parish Council feels that any action is being taken against planning regulations, these are also referred to the relevant planning authority.

Bus Shelter: The Parish Council has now agreed to put in an application to the Oxfordshire County Council for part-funding for a bus shelter in Foxborough Road (by New Road), following consultation with Oxfordshire Highways and the residents along the bus lay-by.

Donations: At its last meeting the Parish Council agreed to give small donations to Abingdon and District CAB, South and Vale Carers Centre, Oxfordshire Association for the Blind, Radley News, Radley Guides, Friends of Radley Station, KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) and the Air Ambulance Berks/Oxon/Bucks.

November 2009

Potholes/Road Safety: The Parish Council is continuing its pressure on Oxfordshire Highways regarding potholes, particularly along Radley Road . High visibility speed limit signs have been put at the Kennington Road end of the village together with red roundels to try to get drivers to keep to the speed limit. However, speeding along this stretch of road continues, and the police have agreed to carry out speed checks there. There is also concern about the speed along the Oxford Road , particularly in the vicinity of the Sugworth Lane/Sunningwell junction, and it has been requested that the speed limit be reduced to 40 mph.

Radley Wetland Centre : Mr Harry Barton, Chief Executive of Northmoor Trust, gave a presentation to the Parish Council on the creation of a wetland area in the Thrupp Lake area. The Parish Council will be represented on various committees being set up so will be closely involved with the development of this area.

Parish Website: Concern had been expressed about the accessibility of the Parish Website. The Working Party has looked into this and made various recommendations, which have been accepted by the Parish Council.

Clerk to Parish Council: The Clerk, Miss Sally Raven, indicated that she would be retiring from the post of Clerk to Radley Parish Council from 31 May 2010. At this time she would have been in post just over 36 years.

October 2009

Potholes/Road Safety: The Parish Council has again raised with Oxfordshire Highways the possibility of widening the footpath along Foxborough Road but, although it is generally felt this would be ideal, unfortunately there is no available funding to carry out this type of scheme at this time. However, householders with hedges could help – please check that your hedge line is within your boundary not overlapping the footpath. Complaints have been received about some of the hedges – is it yours?

The Parish Council continues to raise concerns about the potholes throughout the Parish. Some work has been done on Sugworth Lane, although a lot of the holes along the edges are where vehicles use the verges as passing places, and unfortunately these are not the responsibility of the Oxfordshire Highways.

Although repair work has taken place on the footpath by the cemetery in Church Road the edging needs to be cut back to give it more width. The Parish Council is pressing for it to be treated as a failed footpath as it is not a very good surface despite the repairs.

Continual pressure is being put on Oxfordshire Highways about safety at the Oxford Road junction at Sugworth Lane/Road to Sunningwell, and a site meeting has been requested.

Radley Lakes: The Parish Council deplores the recent jet skiing activity on Thrupp Lake which has resulted in many birds being frightened off the lake. It is most disappointed that, after having worked so hard and invested so much to preserve this beautiful area and its wildlife, people should abuse it in such a way.

Illegal trail biking activities continue to plague the area, and members of the public should report any incidences of dangerous riding, or riding of unlicensed vehicles on the public rights of way to the police. The police telephone numbers are 08458 505 505 or 999 if in immediate danger.

Thrupp Lane: The Parish Council is being supported by the Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils in its fight to get the right to comment on applications for licences to use the road – so watch this space.

There is concern about lorries parking overnight opposite Norfolk Close. Details are needed so that this matter can be followed up by Oxfordshire Highways – although the police are keeping an eye on this area to try to stop this area being used as a lorry park.

September 2009

Police news: The following Thames Valley Police Campaigns are taking place: Alcohol Awareness Week 19-23 October 2009; and Halloween Week and Not in My Neighbourhood Week 2-6 November 2009.

Potholes/road safety: The Parish Council continues to press for improvements to roads and footpaths throughout the parish – some work has been done to the highway in Church Road and Sugworth Lane, but the Parish Council is pressing for improvements to Foxborough Road and Radley Road (from the Whites Lane junction to Twelve Acre Drive roundabout). Signs indicating that people are crossing are to be installed by the Village Shop/Spinneys Close bungalows as a safety measure.

Thrupp Lane: The Parish Council is working closely with the Thrupp Lane Residents Association to try to reduce the amount of heavy traffic which uses Thrupp Lane. Under the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 the Parish Council is not, at the moment, able to make representations when goods vehicle operators apply for licences to use the road, but it is understood there is national pressure to change the regulations.

Bus shelters: The OCC has provided a bus shelter outside Radley College under the improvement to the premium routes/RTI (Real Time Information) project. The Parish Council has applied for funding to provide a bus shelter in Foxborough Road (by New Road) and is awaiting a decision on this. It is aware that the trees restrict the view of people waiting at the brick built bus shelter at Pebble Hill and has requested that the trees be cut back to improve the vision.

Footpath 8: The tarmac along the extended footpath is not good and is going to be re-laid in November. The Parish Council is taking the opportunity to improve all of the footpath and new tarmac will be laid across the total width of the footpath.

Village Hall: The Parish Council has agreed with the Radley Village Hall Management Committee to take on the project of providing a new kitchen at the Village Hall during 2010/2011. It will have to apply for grants although it will make a contribution towards the cost from its budget.

There was no meeting in August 2009.

July 2009

Police news: PC Carl Bryant attended the July meeting of the Parish Council when and the Councillors had an opportunity to discuss fully its concerns in relation to anti-social behaviour, speeding vehicles along Foxborough Road and Kennington Road, motorcyclists using off-road areas, vandalism incidents in village and vandalism problems around the village hall/play area.

Potholes/road safety: The Parish Council continues to press for improvements to roads and footpaths throughout the parish, but progress is slow. The Parish Council understands that OCC Councillors undertook a tour around the Parish at the beginning of July – some by foot, some by car – to look at the problems being experienced. The outcome of this in relation to work to be undertaken is not known. It is known that the Radley Primary School is extremely concerned about the safety of Church Road and is also pressing for action.

Speed limit on the A4183: The OCC has recently reviewed speed limits of A and B roads in Oxfordshire and is recommending that the A4183 Oxford Road, Abingdon to Boars Hill, has a 50 mph speed limit. The Parish Council supported this recommendation. The Parish Council still has concerns about safety at the Radley/Sunningwell junction and is pressing Oxfordshire Highways for more safety measures at this junction.

Allotments: The Parish Council has a long waiting list of people wanting allotments and an approach is going to be made to local landowners to see whether they have any suitable land for more allotment plots. If anyone has land they would like to see used as allotments, please let me know.

Hedges/weeds on pavements: My usual plea. If you have a hedge bordering on to one of the narrow pavements in the village, please ensure it is cut back to your boundary edge to keep the pavement as wide as possible. In addition, the OCC budget for weed clearing no longer exists so, if you have weeds in front of your property, it would be extremely helpful if you could clear these back.

June 2009

Village pond: New black bow top fencing will be erected around the pond in the next few weeks.

Oxfordshire Village of the Year : The Parish Council entered this competition for the third year, but unfortunately Radley was not shortlisted this year.

Police news: PC Carl Bryant is replacing PC Jimmy May and is coming to the July meeting of the Parish Council to meet the Councillors.

Garden competition: The 13th Garden Competition was held on Saturday 4 July 2009, with the presentations taking place on 18 July 2009. Details of the winners are shown in Radley News and on the website, and have been put on the Parish Council noticeboards.

Potholes: Some of the potholes in Church Road have been repaired, but others remain because of the criteria used by Oxfordshire Highways. Potholes are assessed for depth and width and are then allocated a repair time, anything between seven and twenty-eight days. Hopefully more potholes will have been repaired by the time you read this report. The condition of Sugworth Lane is extremely poor with the edges of the road very badly eroded. Unfortunately this road is shown as a through road to Radley and Kennington on satnav equipment; the Parish Council is asking local coach firms to use other roads because of the narrowness of Sugworth Lane.

Road sign: The Parish Council has asked Oxfordshire Highways to provide a sign by the shop/Spinneys Close bungalows indicating that pedestrians are crossing in this area.

May 2009

Chairman and Vice-Chairman: The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council has just been held where the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected, and the membership of the various committees is decided. The Chairman for the coming year is Mrs Jenny Standen and the Vice- Chairman is Mr Guy Rogers. Details of the committees are being put on the website and the Parish Council notice boards.

Town Green Application, Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes: As you will have probably seen in the local press, the Parish Council has decided to conclude the Judicial Review on the best terms achievable. Northmoor Trust has been appointed to manage Thrupp Lake, and the Parish Council was involved in this appointment is delighted with it. The Parish Council will continue to seek clarification from npower on the long-term arrangements for npower’s land at Thrupp Lake.

Police News: The formal analysis of the NAG Survey will take some weeks, but in the meantime the Parish Council is going to address the concerns raised by the community.

Garden Competition: The thirteenth Garden Competition is being held on Saturday 4th July 2009. Leaflets have been delivered to all households with the criteria used.

Potholes: It is understood that Oxfordshire Highways is about to change its contractor for road repairs, but it is very disappointing that repair work has not been undertaken in the Parish.

April 2009

Town Green Application, Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes: The Parish Council will be considering recent discussions with the Power Station at its May meeting.

Police News: The Parish Council was delighted with the good response to the NAG Survey. The forms have been sent to NAG for formal analysis, but the preliminary analysis showed clearly the concerns of the residents of Radley Parish: speeding; potholes – roads and footways; roads/paths vegetation; litter; lack of police visibility; personal safety; parking on pavements; street lighting. The Parish Council agreed to review each subject over the next few meetings.

Village Pond: The Parish Council has agreed that bow-top fencing should be put round the village pond, and has now accepted an estimate for this work.

Oxfordshire Village of the Year: The Parish Council has agreed to enter this competition again this year.

Potholes: The Parish Council is, like the residents, extremely concerned about the condition of the roads and footways throughout Radley. This has been reported on many occasions to Oxfordshire Highways, The Clerk has been told that because of the vast amount of work throughout Oxfordshire, they are particularly interested in holes in the road which are 2″ deep, and holes in the footways which are 1″ in depth. The Clerk has reported those she thinks meet these criteria, but please let her know those which are of particular concern to you.

Litter: The District Council has agreed to provide a dog litter bin at the entrance to Footpath 8 in Whites Lane and a litter bin (which can be used for dog waste) in the Church Road car park.

Street Lighting: The Clerk has had very little response to the ideas put forward by theOxfordshire County Council under its Carbon Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions by 2011/2012. Please let the Parish Council have your views on the possibility of the OCC switching off the lights from approximately 12.30 am to around 5.30 am.

March 2009

Town Green Application, Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes : Discussions are taking place with the Power Station staff in the hope that it will be possible to stop the Judicial Review.

Community Notice Board: A notice board has been offered to the Parish Council and this is being followed up.

Tree along Whites Lane : Thanks to some keen photographers, I have been able to identify the car which knocked down two trees and get details of the owner. Hopefully in the autumn we will be able to replant these trees. Many thanks to those who responded.

Footpath 8: I must thank Radley College and Bill Homewood for allowing the path to be widened – without their agreement this would not have been a possibility.

Police News: PC Jimmy May who has been looking after Radley for the last few months is moving on shortly – hopefully a successor will be in post by the time he leaves. PCSO Adrian Wright will continue to be our community support officer.

Speeding – Kennington Road and Foxborough Road: There is a lot of concern about the speed of vehicles, cars and motorcyclists using these two are roads, and the police are continually asked to do checks in this area.

Hedges: I MUST MAKE AN ANNUAL PLEA. There are a number of hedges in the Parish which need cutting back to clear footways and roads. The Parish Council has regular complaints about the poor width of footways in the Parish, particularly down Foxborough Road. Oxfordshire Highways has been approached but width improvements are not planned, so any help that can be given by trimming back hedges and shrubs to allow the full width of the existing pavements would be extremely helpful. Property owners do, of course, have legal obligation to ensure their own boundary tree or hedge growth does not obstruct public footways and road.

Potholes: There is great concern about the potholes and condition of roads and pavements throughout the Parish, and the Parish Council is continually in touch with the Oxfordshire Highways about the problems. Make your views known to Oxfordshire Highways – contact them direct via telephone, letter or website (there is a special facility to report potholes on their website). Please make your views known to Oxfordshire Highway in support of Parish Council pressure.

Litter: This is of great concern to people. There is a village cleaner for the village area, and the District Council has agreed to clean up roads such as Whites Lane, Kennington Road, Sandford Lane and Thrupp Lane. Local residents are looking after Sugworth Lane, which has a real problem with fly tipping, and their help is very much appreciated. Radley College has agreed that its pupils can help with litter clearing on a monthly basis along the Lower Radley road and this is also much appreciated. I am sure there are other people who help with this problem – the Parish Council is not totally convinced that more litter bins are the answer as very often litter lies by the side of existing bins, but it is continually reviewing this. The District Council has looked at sites for dog litter bins, and feel that the best places for these are Whites Road/Foxborough Road, at the entrance to Footpath 8, and in the village car park by the entrance to the field. The Parish Council is considering this. However, the District Council has informed the Parish Council that any litter bin can be used for dog litter.

Parish Plan: A Steering Committee has been formed after two public meetings, and a meeting will be set up shortly to see whether the production of a Parish Plan can be progressed.

Street Lighting: Oxfordshire County Council has launched its Carbon Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions by 2011/2012. Street lighting produced 19% of the Council’s carbon emissions during 2005/2006, and several initiatives are in progress to reduce these:

  • Reducing the number of illuminated signs, where legislation permits this and where it is safe to do so;
  • Installing photo-electric cells in bollards in order to switch them off during daylight hours;
  • Replacing older street lighting lanterns with more energy-efficient models;
  • Switching off selected lengths of lighting on rural traffic routes from around midnight to 5.30 am, where it is safe to do so;
  • Replacing tungsten lamps in Zebra beacons with light-emitting diodes (LEDS);
  • Using LEDs for signal lights instead of tungsten lamps when refurbishing traffic signal installations;
  • Using more energy-efficient lighting on future new developments, and in some instances specifying the use of part-night lighting where appropriate.


In a radical step to further reduce carbon emissions, the OCC is considering changing its policy of keeping street lighting on all night in very rural areas and, instead, switching off the lights from approximately 12.30 am to around 5.30 am. This reduces carbon emissions by approximately 35% for each light that is switched off between these hours.

The Parish Council has been asked for its views on this proposal with the purpose of seeing if there is any scope for this change to happen in Radley. Even if the Parish Council feels there is any area where the lights can be changed to part-night operation, the views of the police will be sought before any changes are put in place. The Parish Council needs your views to allow it to consider this matter carefully. Some feedback has been received via the NAG Survey, but please let Councillors or your Clerk have your views.

February 2009

Town Green Application, Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes: The various parties involved in the Judicial Review have agreed to an adjournment and the Court has taken the Judicial Review out of the list for 26-27 February 2009. The Parish Council has to report back on progress by 22 May 2009.

School Crossing Patrol Person: The Primary School had indicated that no interest had been shown in this post. If you are interested please contact the Head Teacher.

Network Rail: Various people had expressed concern about the condition of the Sounding Bridge, and this had been raised with Network Rail. Network Rail has assured the Parish Council that the bridge is examined regularly.

Motocross, Culham: The motocross season starts in March 2009. Please contact me if you feel this is a disturbance to you.

Community Notice Board: The Parish Council feels that a Community Notice Board would be a useful addition to the village, where residents would be free to place notices of interest to the Parish. A possible place for this to be based is at the Lower Radley turn near one of the seats. Would any one be interested in designing and building one? Please let me know if you are interested.

Neighbourhood Action Group: The Rural Abingdon NAG (Neighbourhood Action Group) has been in existence for over 12 months, and it feels it needs to have feedback from communities on the concerns that you have in your neighbourhood. The Parish Council has agreed to circulate the survey form during the first week of March, and Councillors hope you will complete and return to one of the various places listed on the form by 31 March 2009.

Tree along Whites Lane : One of the mature trees along Whites Lane was knocked down by a taxi on the evening of 31 December 2008. The Parish Council is anxious to trace the vehicle concerned, and if anyone saw the vehicle and can remember the name of the taxi firm concerned, can they please contact me.

Chairman’s Community Awards Lunch, 7 March 2009: The Chairman of the District Council asked Parish Councils for nominations of people who had played an important part in sporting activities in their Parishes. Radley Parish Council put forward the names of Dick Crabb, Jeffrey Grimes and Gordon Hill, and all these were invited and attended the lunch.

Litter: The following sites have been suggested for additional dog litter bins, and the Parish Council is following this up: (1) junction of Whites Lane and Foxborough Road; and (2) by the Church (Kennington Road/Whites Lane junction).

Village Hall Provision: A circular to all households was agreed and would be circulated during the first week of March. Views of residents continue to be welcomed by the Parish Council.

January 2009

Town Green Application, Thrupp and Bullfield Lakes: The Parish Council has met John Rainford and other Power Station staff to discuss the future of Thrupp Lake following the announcement made before Christmas that the lake is not needed for ash and will be offered to the local community as a conservation area. Plans are being developed by the power station and the Parish Council hopes to have a further meeting or site meeting in March. As the arrangements have not yet been clarified, the Parish Council has decided that it cannot stop the Judicial Review, but it has been agreed that the hearing can be adjourned whilst discussions take place.

Motocross, Culham: The motocross season starts in March 2009. Please contact me if you feel this is a disturbance to you.

Police Matters: The contact number for the police is 0845 8 505 505 or 999 in the case of emergencies.

Additional Street Lighting: The Parish Council considered the request to provide additional street lighting along the Kennington Road to cover the area to the 30 mph speed limit signs at the Kennington end of the Village. It discussed the responses it had had from the residents, the survey produced by one of the residents, the approach taken by other villages where no street lighting was provided, the current thinking on light pollution, and the position along Kennington Road where there were concerns about safety because of the lack of lighting. The Parish Council by a majority vote decided not to provide additional lighting. Safety along the Kennington Road had been discussed with the Police and the Oxfordshire County Council. The police had agreed to do speed checks along this stretch of road, and look into the problem of cyclists using the pavement before the official cycle way commenced/finished, especially during the hours of darkness. The OCC had agreed to provide a traffic recorder to ascertain the traffic volume and speed. In addition, the Parish Council had asked for an occasional vehicle activated sign to show motorists the speed they were travelling.

Litter: The Parish Council have been considering further the position on litter in the Parish, and the worst areas are Sandford Lane, Whites Lane along the field hedges, the field hedges from Woodlands to Pebble Hill, land behind the bus shelter by the Bowyer Arms and some areas of Thrupp Lane (entrance to the football pitch and fly tipping in field beyond Gooseacre Farm. All these have been reported to Mr Colin Marshall, one of the District Council Environment Wardens, for his advice, but Councillors queried whether a village spring clean involving the residents of the Parish would be a good idea. What do you think?

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