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Flower Show

Radley Flower Show is an amateur competition and community event held annually at Radley Village Hall on a Saturday in late June or early July. Participation is as important as winning and local residents have a great opportunity to show their hobbies, talents and creations or to try something new. There is a wide variety of categories that competitors may enter – and not just flowers!

The types of exhibit in the Radley Flower Show are:

  • Vegetables, Fruit and Flowers – including plants, hanging baskets
  • Floral Art
  • Preserves and Baking
  • Arts and Crafts – including knitting, needlework, quilting, painting
  • Photography
  • Youths – 18 years and under
  • Children – children under secondary school age

There is a different theme for each show – some of the categories change to reflect the theme and help bring variety to the Radley Flower Show.

Competitors pay a small entry fee for each exhibit (the Youths’ and Children’s categories are free to enter). They bring their exhibits to the village hall on the eve and/or morning of the show; judging takes place late morning.

There are cash prizes and trophies and awards to win, and a raffle. The show is opened to the public for viewing in the afternoon once judging has been completed (no charge to enter).

Radley Flower Show is run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis for the enjoyment of the community and the money raised from entry fees and the raffle is used for prizes and to cover costs.

Radley Flower Show is a long-standing village tradition – the first show was held in 1899 – and is open to all.

The Next Radley Flower Show

RFS 2022 Programme Final 190522

RFS Entry Form 2022 final 1.0

RFS Next Show Information 2022 v1.2

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email the Radley Flower Show Committee – radleyflowershow@gmail.com

Trophies and Awards

Cups and trophies waiting to be awarded

List of Awards Radley Flower Show Awards

List of Winners Radley Flower Show Awards 2021, Radley Flower Show Awards 2019, Radley Flower Show Awards 2018

Reports on Previous Shows

RFS 2021 Show Report

News articles

RFS Newsletter Jun 2022

RFS Newsletter May 2022

RFS Newsletter Apr 2022

RFS Newsletter Mar 2022

RFS Newsletter Dec 2021

RFS Newsletter Nov 2021

RFS Newsletter May 2021

Photographs from 2021 Show

Photographs of entries in the Children's decorated rice cakes, Japanese lanterns and fans category Children’s decorated rice cakes

Photographs of winners in the Japanese cherry blossom time cakes category “Japanese Cherry Blossom Time” cakes

Photograph of entries for the drawings categoryDrawings in pastel, paint or charcoal

Photograph of paintings Original paintings

 Vegetables, culinary herbs and roses

Photographs of handicraft exhibits outdoors under a marquee Floral art and handicraft exhibits

Adult photographs of "Tree Blossom" Adult photographs of “Tree Blossom”

Teenagers' winning photographs of "Pond or River Wildlife" Teenagers’ winning photographs of “Pond or River Wildlife”

Carol Milward with her prize winning flower arrangementsCarol Milward with her prize winning flower arrangements

Photograph of the first winner of the Ann Blake Youth Award Elsa Forrow (aged 13) – first winner of the Ann Blake Youth Award 

Preserves and cordials being judgedPreserves and cordials being judged

Scarecrows - Olympic diver and canoeistScarecrows – Olympic diver and canoeist

Photograph of raffle prizesRaffle prizes kindly donated by local businesses and private                                                                                                   individuals

Photograph of cups and trophiesCups and trophies

Photographs From Previous Shows

Photo of cakes and flower arrangements

Banana loaves, chocolate cakes and flower arrangements

Photograph of scarecrows on the railings outside the village hall

“Space Character” scarecrows on the railings outside the village hall

Photograph of children's garlands and Lego models on the theme of "a mode of transport"

Children’s garlands and Lego models of “a mode of transport”

Photograph of paintings

Paintings – any medium

Photographs of children's paintings on the theme of "a seaside picture"

Children’s paintings – seaside picture

Photograph of rose and foliage entries

Roses, foliage and floral art (towards the back of the photo)

Photograph of macaroons, jams, floral art and photography entries

Coconut macaroons, jams, floral art and photography





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