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Parish Plan Events

News of events being organised by the Steering Committee

The Parish Plan Steering Committee are

presenting the Parish Plan in Print

on Sunday 23rd October 2011

Radley Village Hall

at 3.00pm

Refreshments will be served

An electronic version will be available later that day on this website.

For further information contact either

Kayla (email: parishplan@radleyvillage.org.uk )

or Sally (email: sally@radleyvillage.org.uk)


Previous Parish Plan Events



8th July 2010, at 7.00pm

Mr Ian Yorston, Science Master at Radley College since 1994, gave a humorous and entertaining tour of the college, pointing out many items of interest in a condensed tour.  A rare opportunity to visit the Chapel over the memorial arch was included.  The Mansion House and its restoration after the fire in 1998 was a subject of considerable interest.  Mr Yorston has promised a further opportunity to visit again and see some of the areas which were unavailable due to the college being closed.


1 July 2010 starting at 6 pm at Lower Radley Farm

Again, suitable for the older age groups


Mr Nick Frearson gave a very interesting tour of his farm, showing the diverse ways in which he was utilising the land.   Seeing the results of the recent drought conditions brought home the problems faced by farmers as they struggle with the elements to make a living.  

The evening finished with a glass of wine and nibbles and a chance to chat to about the exent of the village, as the trailer went to the furthest reaches off the farm.



23 JUNE 2010 – 4.00pm  – LATE AFTERNOON   

This visit was planned for older age groups

Radley Parish Plan Peachcroft Farm Visit

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