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Parish Council news for November

New parish ‘lengthsman’

We hope readers will have noticed areas in the parish looking rather smarter recently. Chris Lee, our new lengthsman, started work with us in September and is already having an impact.

A main project to date has been tidying up around the village hall and playground. Chris has dug back 8-10 inches thick mud and undergrowth encroaching onto the carpark, pruned back the hedgerow alongside Gooseacre to waist height, cleaned off moss and weeds growing around the play equipment, removed 170 litres of plastic bottles from the hedgerow between the two playing fields and much more besides.

He has also been active elsewhere in the village. He has tidied up the noticeboard and swept the pathways on the approach to Lower Radley, cut back the cherry trees on the east side of St James Terrace, made minor repairs to street name signs and erected the winning primary school children’s ‘Take your Litter Home’ signs at various points around the village.

Looking after the Speed Indicator Devices will be one of his ongoing responsibilities. An additional solar powered sign was recently acquired by the PC and has been installed on White’s Lane. It will remain there – to deter speeding construction traffic in particular – until the new roundabout and replacement section of White’s Lane has been constructed. Our other two signs will continue to be moved every 10 days for recharging, and alternated between locations on Church Road, Kennington Road and Foxborough Road.

Chris has lots of projects in mind looking forwards. He plans to:

  • remove fly posting from public buildings and bus shelters
  • clear some of the more hard-to-reach litter in Lower Radley and other parts of the village
  • clean up the street signs
  • clear the path from the bungalows to the allotments by the railway bridge.

Chris is also working with John Sparks, parish councillor and Radley College teacher, to look into ways that College boys can help around the village. Ideas being considered are help with clearing weeds from pathways and possibly some more bulb planting.

Chris is very happy to talk to passers-by, to explain what he is doing and to hear their ideas. So please don’t hold back from saying hello if you see him at work. Any formal suggestions or complaints should, however, continue to be channelled through the Parish Clerk. Also, please recognise that Chris’ contract with the parish council is only for 7 hours a week and there is a limit what even he can achieve in that time!

Church Road works

We have heard from the Pye Homes site manager that the target date for completion of the works in Church Road is still end of October early November, with works on the new pedestrian crossing taking place over half-term. He thanks everyone for their patience.

Radley Lakes

The Parish Council is encouraged to see the tangible progress that the Trust is making towards results on the ground, including signage for the new path from Lower Radley towards the Lakes, and the creation of a new improved cycle and parking area at the entrance to Thrupp Lake. The PC is grant-aiding both these projects. There is more on them in the Trust report elsewhere in this edition.

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