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Parish Council news February 2021

Consultation on the Gooseacre facilities

Look out in late February/ early March for a leaflet through your door inviting your views on what should be done to improve the village hall, pavilion and recreational facilities at Gooseacre. The Parish Council has provisionally earmarked £400k from the developer payments we will be receiving over the next few years to put towards updating these facilities. We also envisage some fund raising.

Radley is facing a 50% growth in its population numbers as the Lawns and NW Radley sites are built out so we need to consider what scope there is to expand the facilities. We would also like to give the area a bit of a facelift and to see whether there are things that could be done to adapt the facilities so they are better suited to modern needs and expectations.

A major decision we will need to take at the outset is whether to retain and improve the two existing buildings or to demolish and replace them with a new combined hall and pavilion. Some options will be illustrated in the leaflet going round at the end of the month, and it will also include a questionnaire. We had hoped also to run an exhibition and public meeting but Covid has put paid to that.

Do please complete and return the questionnaire when you get it.

New permissive path

Good progress is being made in discussions between the landowner’s agent (the landowner is Mrs Jo McDougall) and the newly established Radley Lakes Trust towards agreeing a permissive path which will run from Lower Radley to Radley Lakes via the ‘sounding bridge’ under the railway line. This is a very exciting development and we will keep you posted.

Play area and playing field open

We are pleased that we have been allowed to keep the Gooseacre play area and playing field open for exercise in the latest round of Covid restrictions. We ask people please to observe social distancing and other guidelines when they use the facilities.

Update on street names for NW Radley development

Thank you to all those people who sent in nominations for street names for the NW Radley housing development in response to our invitation last summer. We had over forty names suggested and have counted up the number of nominations from the village and votes from the Parish Council members and produced a ‘top twenty’. These twenty names can be viewed here.

January 2021 Nominations for street names

At this stage we have no guarantee that the names will be used. We will be discussing with the district council and the developer how many names are likely to be used before putting forward our final list of suggestions. We will check that surviving relatives are content before including any name on our list.

Parish Council vacancies

Just a reminder that we continue to have two vacancies on the parish council and would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in co-option.


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