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Parish Council update


The Parish Council has set up emergency procedures so that we can react quickly to events and take decisions immediately without the full council meeting in person.  It may not be possible for individuals to make representations to the Parish Council in person for several months, but people will be able to raise points in writing at any time using the address below or via Facebook Messenger.

The Parish Council regrets that following Emergency Legislation the playground is closed until further notice.  It will not be checked during this time.  The pavilion has also been closed, but the playing field is still open for your daily exercise.  Anyone using the field must abide by social distancing rules and remain 2 metres apart with gatherings of no more than 2 people – unless they are from the same family residence and are exercising together.

The Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for May will need to be postponed. A new date will be set as soon as public meetings again become possible. 

The Garden Competition will not be held this year.

Updates will be posted on the website www.radleyvillage.org.uk and the Parish Facebook page.

It is heartening that so many people in Radley have put their hands up to help neighbours in need. We congratulate the organisers of SERV (Supporting Everyone in Radley Village) for their work to co-ordinate these offers, and to deliver help-line contact numbers to everyone in the village. We are keen to help village groups and institutions in any way we can, and to support any local initiatives to help individuals or families cope. Please get in touch with the Clerk if you think the parish council can help.

New Parish Council vacancies

Elaine Walton and Jenny Buzzard have regrettably decided to stand down from the parish council, leaving us with two vacancies.

A formal notice has been posted on the website offering electors the opportunity to require an election to fill the vacancies. If less than 10 electors respond, the parish council will proceed through co-option. We will provide more information on how to apply for co-option later.

NW Radley housing plans

Pye Homes have submitted a planning application for approval of the detailed design of the proposed development of 240 new homes at the NW Radley/ White’s Lane site. Pye have discussed their plans with a team from the parish council.
The application contains some welcome features.

  • The plans include 50 smaller units for sale, more than required by the Vale guidelines. These include houses, flats and maisonettes.
  • Plans for the new Foxborough Road/ White’s Lane/ Radley Road junction and cul-de-sac look good. Pye are looking into how soon this work might start.
  • As part of other off-site works, the developers will be providing two new pedestrian crossings in the village, one across Church Road near to the school and a second across Kennington Road between Radley College and the Church Road junction. The latter is a new proposal, and will be particularly welcomed by residents in that part of the village.
  • A continuous off-road cycle track will also be provided from the Radley Road/ 12-Acre Drive junction through to the new Lawns development south of Kennington, and beyond.
  • A temporary construction access to the site is proposed at the north end of White’s Lane. This will keep construction traffic away from the school.

The developers told us that they continue to plan for building work to start in the summer and the first houses to be occupied by Christmas. Whether they will be able to deliver to this timetable in present circumstances must be very uncertain.

Expressway ‘paused’

In his Budget statement in early March, the Chancellor announced that the Government was pausing further work on the Expressway scheme and would instead be undertaking work on other potential road improvements to support their ambitions for major new development in the Oxford-Cambridge Arc.
So that looks like at least one risk to our community has gone away for the time being.

Dog owners guide – corrections
We have been asked to draw attention to some constraints on the local walks described in our January leaflet about responsible dog ownership. Please respect these.

  • Public access to Radley College land is restricted to public or permissive footpaths only, for safeguarding reasons.
  • Public access to the woodland behind Pebble Hill and Woodlands is also limited to public and permissive paths.
  • There is no public right of way in the field behind Stonhouse Crescent.

We apologise for any confusion caused.

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