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Parish Council update for June


Village meeting

The Bowyer Arms hosted the annual meeting of the parish of Radley on Saturday 21st May.  Those present heard the Parish Council chairman pay tribute to the host of volunteers who give their support to running village assets.  She thanked Radley Lakes Trust, whose recent projects to create a permissive path from Lower Radley and parking at Sandles are improving access to the Lakes, and the members of the Development Steering Group which is managing the Parish Council’s CIL projects. 

The CIL programme

The Parish Council will receive just under £1.5m from the Community Infrastructure Levy by the end of the next financial year. Over half a million pounds has already been paid to us, and the remainder will be received this year and next. The money is required to be spent within 5 years of receipt.

This is how we are proposing to spend it:


Spend to end 2021/22

Total spend proposed


Radley Lakes



The project which we have made most progress with so far – thanks to the work of the newly established Radley Lakes Trust.

School hall extension




Under construction

Changes to car park entrance associated with school pedestrian crossing



Nearly complete

Upgrade of Gooseacre facilities



Our biggest and most challenging project. The total cost of the upgrade is estimated at £1,300,000. Major fund raising will be required to deliver the scheme in full.

Community facility at The Lawns



A project manager has been appointed to take forward a design for an eco-friendly modular circular building on a site that Redrow have provided on the development.

Cemetery extension



Preliminary investigations under way

Road safety measures



Includes provision for further work related to school travel

Staff costs and other








Questions and observations raised by those present included the poor condition of pavements in the village, construction vehicles driving through residential roads, bungalows being developed into large family homes, contingency funding for Parish Council projects and timing of the Whites Lane junction improvements.

Thank you to Andy and Elaine for their hospitality.

Garden competition – Saturday 2nd July

In a departure from the traditional format, shortlisting will take place on 1st July with final judging in the afternoon of Saturday 2nd July.  Gardens will be entered into one of either Best garden, Best tubs and/or hanging baskets or Most colourful flower garden.  

Radley Parish Council

Lynda Crowley, Garry Cook, Priscilla Dudding, Gemma Fraser, Chris Henderson, Bob Johnston, David Mulholland, Sheila Smith, John Sparks, Jenny Standen.

Jane Dymock (Clerk). Email: clerk@radleyparish.org  Tel: 01865 864360.


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