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Parish Council update for March

Gooseacre consultation

You should have received a leaflet from the parish council through your door over the last few days setting out some ideas for what we might do to upgrade the community facilities at Gooseacre. Please have a look. There’s a questionnaire we’d like you to fill in to tell us what use you make of the existing facilities and what you think should be done there. You can do this online by going to the link on the home page of the Radley village website. Or there’s a paper version at the back of the leaflet if you prefer to use that. Please return it to the village shop when you have completed it. 

Meetings with developers

We had a useful meeting with a representative of Pye Homes on 10 February to hear the latest state of play on the NW Radley development, and to raise queries.

You may have seen that work is underway around the edge of the field alongside White’s Lane where a new water main is being laid to replace the existing one through the middle of the field. A new temporary access for construction vehicles from White’s Lane has also been completed. Work on the houses themselves is likely to begin in the Spring, starting at the north end of the site near the old cemetery.

Pye are dealing with off-site infrastructure work in 3 packages. They are hoping to complete work on the Church Road pedestrian crossing and new access to the carpark in July/August this year to coincide with school holidays. The road works and new cycle tracks around the planned new White’s Lane/ Radley Road/ Foxborough Road junction will follow as the next priority after that. The final package will cover the Kennington Road cycle track and pedestrian crossing.

The parish council has introduced Pye to a group of local residents who are keen to work with them to get the best results in terms of landscape planning and biodiversity. The group expects to report on their progress in the next Radley News.

The parish council has asked Redrow for a meeting to update us on progress at their development south of Kennington but have not yet been offered a date.

Access to field behind Stonhouse Crescent

Three separate residents attended the last parish council meeting to express concern about the new gate that has been installed blocking access to the field behind Stonhouse Crescent. All emphasised that they were responsible walkers who kept to the path and did not allow dogs to stray. They pointed out that they and others had walked this track for many years. One made the point that it was particularly unfortunate that it should be blocked off at a time when people were struggling to deal with lockdown.

The parish council has written to the landowners to pass on these concerns and to invite their comments.

Lodge Hill junction south facing slip roads

Plans are moving forwards again on the proposed construction of south facing slip roads connecting to the A 34 at Lodge Hill. The plan now is to commence construction work early in 2022 and to complete the works by summer 2023. Oxfordshire County Council have told the parish council that plans for a lorry park and for an Expressway junction at Lodge Hill are not currently on the table, which is welcome news.

OCC is proposing new traffic calming measures on Sugworth Lane in association with this development. We are looking at their proposals carefully.

Census 2021  

We have been asked to flag up that all households across England and Wales will be invited to take part in Census 2021 on 21 March. This is an important once-in-a-decade survey that provides important information about people and households in England and Wales. It helps to determine where millions of pounds of public money should be spent.

For the first time the census will be predominantly online. You should receive a letter from the Office of National Statistics with a unique access code, asking you to complete the questionnaire on your computer, phone or tablet. Paper questionnaires will be available for those who need them. 

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