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Parish Council update for May

New parish councillor

The Parish Council is very pleased to announce that David Mulholland has been co-opted to fill the last remaining vacancy on the council. He will be a great asset. David has worked in the landscape industry for over 40 years including at one stage in the role of landscape manager responsible for habitat management at all of BAA airports.  He developed the community herb garden outside the village shop, managed last year’s sunflower competition alongside Claire Jowett and is currently working with the parish council to establish a mini wildflower meadow at the end of St James Terrace. David and his wife, Sally, have lived in Little Howe Close since 1995.

Primary school expansion

Planning permission has been sought for the extension of the school to accommodate full year entry. Details can be found on the planning pages of Oxfordshire County Council website under the reference R3.0046/21. The deadline for comments is 14 May.

The plans provide for a new teaching block adjoining the eastern side of the existing school buildings and an extension to the hall to the northern end of the existing hall. The Parish Council and Radley College are jointly committed to pay for the hall extension which was not part of OCC’s original plans.

The Parish Council will be raising a few queries with OCC about detailed aspects of the design but is in general terms fully supportive of the application.

Gooseacre consultation

A full report on the outcome of the Gooseacre consultation and proposed next steps is included separately in this edition.

Footpaths behind Stonhouse Crescent

The Clerk has received a continuing flow of queries about the new gate and notices barring foot access to the field behind Stonhouse Crescent, on which we have reported in previous editions. The Parish Council has passed on residents’ concerns to the landowners, Gooseacre Farm Partnership, and sought discussions with them to try to find ways of meeting their concerns, including the possibility of buying or leasing the land. Unfortunately, the landowners have made it clear that they are not prepared to discuss the matter further, nor to allow public access to any part of their land. They are strictly within their legal rights to take this line so it is with great regret that we have to say that there is nothing more that the Parish Council can do.

Annual Parish Meeting postponed

The Annual Parish Meeting provides an opportunity for the Parish Council to report to the community on its activities over the preceding year. It is normally held in April but has been postponed this year because of the continuing Covid restrictions on public meetings. We hope to be able to hold the meeting in the Autumn instead.

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