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Parish Council update for May

Gooseacre exhibition

For those of you who read this early enough, a final reminder that there will be an exhibition of our architect’s drawings for major improvements to the village hall, pavilion and surrounding area in the village hall on

Saturday 30 April: 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Sunday 1 May: 10.30 am to 1.00 pm

Annual Parish Meeting – Saturday 21 May

In another date for your diary, the Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Saturday 21 May in the morning. This is your opportunity to hear what the parish council has been doing over the last year, and to raise any issues which concern you. The location and precise timing will be announced on the village website shortly.

Cemetery extension

The Parish Council is working with St James Church to provide an extension to the cemetery alongside the south boundary of the primary school (on part of the land now being used as a works base for the school extension). We will be appointing consulting engineers to undertake a groundwater risk assessment, one of a number of assessments required in order to obtain planning permission. High ground water levels are an issue in the area so we cannot take consent for granted. We will keep you informed.

Parish lengthsman’s work

Chris Lee, the lengthsman, reports that he has had a busy month. He has installed two new benches on the Lower Radley green which we hope will be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The grass areas immediately around them will be mown shorter on the next cut. Chris has also cut out overgrown turf from the edges of the pavements around the Lower Radley junction on Church Road, cleaned away graffiti from around the village and cleared the guttering on the bus shelters.

Chris’ work is having a great impact in smartening up the appearance of the village. We appreciate the positive feedback we have had from a number of residents.

Road improvements, new pedestrian crossing, new cycle lanes

We met representatives of Pye Homes in mid-April and heard about progress on the various transport infrastructure projects which they are committed to providing. They are due to:

  • Realign the south end of White’s Lane, providing a new junction with Radley and Foxborough Roads, and turning the existing road alongside the Whites Lane houses into a cul-de-sac.
  • Provide new cycle tracks alongside Radley Road (Path 8) and north of the village alongside Kennington Road
  • Provide a new pedestrian crossing over Kennington Road in the vicinity of the Church Road junction.

We heard that discussions with OCC about the design of all these projects are nearing completion and they are hopeful of getting technical approval by the end of May. Thereafter formal agreements will need to be signed with the authority, the construction contracts let, and permissions for road closures obtained as necessary.

The Pye representatives said that they are keen to get all this work done as a soon as possible and – assuming they get all the necessary approvals through in time – hope to make a start on the ground in the Autumn. If any conflict between the various works arises, they will prioritise the White’s Lane junction.

Drainage and ground levels on the Church Farm site

In a far less happy story, the Pye representatives confirmed that the land levels on which some of the new houses are being built is being raised artificially, and that fill material is being brought onto the site for this purpose. This is a consequence of the surface water drainage system which requires the houses to be at a certain level so that water will drain naturally down to new soakaway ponds at the south of the site.

Houses on the west side of Ferny Close will be particularly affected. We were told that the land rises away from their gardens so that the new houses would in any event be higher than the existing ones. Pye are proposing some design adjustments to the new houses to reduce their height but have not been able to solve the problem altogether. Their representatives will be meeting residents to explain the position in more detail.

Members of the parish council have great sympathy for the position in which affected Ferny Close residents find themselves. We have asked the Vale planning department for an explanation of the situation but have not yet received a substantive reply.

Garden competition – judges needed on Friday 1 July

And finally a reminder that we are looking for gardening enthusiasts willing to help with shortlisting the best front gardens and best tubs and hanging baskets for this year’s Radley garden competition. Shortlisting will take place on Friday 1 July.

Please contact the Clerk if you can help. We’d love to hear from you.

Lynda Crowley, Ed Blagrove, Garry Cook, Priscilla Dudding, Gemma Fraser, Chris Henderson, Bob Johnston, David Mulholland, Sheila Smith, John Sparks, Jenny Standen.

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