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Parish Council update

Neighbourhood Plan: next steps

As readers will recall, the Radley Neighbourhood Plan was finally adopted last October, and will remain in place to guide development decisions in Radley until 2031. Hard copies are now available from the Clerk free of charge. The Plan can of course also be seen on the village website.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group met for the last time in mid-January to consider what needs to be done next. The Group had a first look at a strategy for spending the council’s substantial CIL development receipts, which are expected to quadruple the council’s annual average income over the next 7/8 years. The Group has identified 14 projects for further consideration, including a small Challenge Fund to encourage ideas from local people. You can view a paper outlining the Group’s thinking here.

The Group also considered what arrangements should be put in place to manage this work. It has recommended that the parish council sets up a new Development Steering Group to oversee follow-up to the Neighbourhood Plan and the CIL programme, and that key village institutions are invited to nominate a representative to serve on this group.  It also recommended that the Council should take on additional paid support.

The strategic housing sites

Whilst both the NW Radley and the South Kennington development proposals were agreed in principle by the Vale’s Planning Committee last summer, neither has yet received formal planning consent. Discussions are underway between the developers and the Vale’s planning officers about the terms of the section 106 agreement to be attached to each consent, which will set out in precise terms what the developers are required to do as a condition of consent.

In relation to the NW Radley site, the Parish Council is particularly concerned that the developers should be required to construct the proposed new White’s Lane/ Foxborough Road/ Radley Road junction before construction work starts so that construction traffic will not make the existing junction even more dangerous.  We are also keen to understand where thinking currently stands on identifying land for the primary school extension, which will be another condition of planning consent.  

We have sought clarification on progress but so far without receiving much enlightenment.

Radley Lakes planning matters

Outstanding planning decisions on matters in the Radley Lakes area also seem to have disappeared into the black holes which the offices of the district and county councils sometimes appear to be. A decision is still outstanding on the application made last July to extend the temporary permission for industrial uses at the JCSL site at the end of Thrupp Lane, strongly opposed by the parish council in the absence of adequate arrangements for access. On minerals extraction, three months after the expiry of the final deadline for an application to review the current permission, county council officers remain silent on whether they expect to proceed with a Prohibition Order preventing renewed extraction in the future.

The great worry about these delays is that use rights may be established by default. The parish council continues to press strongly for effective action to resolve the continuing uncertainties about the future of this area.

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