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Radley Village Shop – getting down to business

Radley Village Hall

Wednesday 18 October 2006 at 7.30 pm


Radley’s New Village Shop:

    • A bright modern shop

    • Friendly volunteer staff

    • Community owned and run

    • A quality range of goods and services

    • Convenient opening hours

With your help, the Radley Village Shop Working Group, recently formed under the auspices of the Parish Council, hopes to turn this vision into reality.

The Working Group circulated a questionnaire in the spring and held a public meeting in June. It has been working throughout the summer, and is now in a position to feed back to you its findings and proposals for the new Radley Village Shop. 

The questionnaires and their work showed that the ideal shop would offer a wide range of goods and services such as:
•  Newspapers and Magazines
•  Fresh Bread and Milk
•  Local and home-made products
•  Fresh Meat and Fish (to order)
•  Take-away Tea and Coffee
•  Specialist products, eg Fair Trade and Wholefoods
•  Seasonal goods

Their research concluded that a shop CAN SUCCEED by offering a quality range of products and services but it must also:
•  Be run as a community owned venture
•  Attract custom from both villagers and outsiders
•  Have the full and committed support of the community

To get the project off the ground will require a lot of work and the generous help of members of the community.

In short it needs your TIME and your MONEY


The shop needs assistance from villagers prepared to give some of their time freely to help set up the shop and run it. In particular it needs

•  specialist trades people (builders, electricians, joiners, plumbers, painters) to help convert the premises

•  volunteers to help in the shop, serving, purchasing, cleaning etc

•  professional services eg bookkeeper/ accountant

•  people to be part of the management committee



After considering several options, the Working Group has concluded that the premises on Church Road remain the best option, but not the cheapest! The total of all initial costs is likely to be in the order of £150,000 (including the acquisition of the freehold).

How can this money be raised?


•  Grant & Loan. An application would be made to a national funding programme which helps communities establish village shops. This could provide a grant & loan package of up to £40,000 provided the community can raise a similar amount . Further details will be given at the village meeting.

•  Purchase of shares in Radley Village Shop . By setting up the business as an Industrial and Provident Society for the benefit of the community, villagers would be able to purchase membership shares. As well as raising money for the shop, these shares would entitle each member to a vote on important matters affecting the shop. Details will be presented at the village meeting. A full prospectus including how to buy and sell the shares would be issued later.

•  Donations. All donations would be extremely welcome.

What do I need to do at this stage?


Indicate your interest by completing the form that is being distributed throughout the village. 

The Working Group would like to know how much support there is from the community for the shop and the possible level of financial commitment.

Please complete the form, and return it in a sealed envelope to one of the addresses shown before noon on 14 th October.

The overall findings will be presented at the meeting.

All information provided will of course be treated in the strictest confidence


Note that an indication of interest on your part does not represent a commitment by you.

[Update 20/10/2006]

A well attended public meeting, held in the Village Hall on 18 October, overwhelmingly endorsed the proposals to set up a community shop using the existing shop premises. There appears to be more than adequate support, from the village, to make the project viable. A shop Management Committee is being established and the project is going ahead.

See further News Item for full report of this meeting.


[Update 10/02/2007]
The new shop premises have been acquired and refitting is underway. It is expected that the new shop will open around Easter. For further details, see www.radleyvillageshop.org.uk/ .

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