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Pre-Neighbourhood Plan consultations


A residents’ survey (503 respondents) carried out in 2011 for the Radley Parish Plan  found no appetite for major development in Radley. Over 60% thought that Radley should stay the same size with the remainder taking the view that some infill and minor development should be accepted.  Less than 2% (5 respondents) thought that Radley should expand a lot.

 A smaller survey (168 respondents) carried out on in November 2014 by the Save Radley Village campaign found that no large-scale development remained the first choice option of 52% of respondents. ( SRV survey results Part 1. November 14 ).  However, opinion appeared to have moved on from 2011 in that 31% of respondents selected one large development in the parish as their first option while the first choice of the remaining 17% was to accept the full proposals in the Vale’s plans.

A further question exploring reactions to Radley College’s Master Plan, which included proposals for the development of a new village centre north of Church Road, found some support, with 25% of respondents selecting the College proposals as their first option (out of 4). However, 41% continued to rank no major development as their first option. (SRV survey results Part 2. November 14)

In March 2015, Radley College undertook their own presentation and consultation exercise, seeking views on their combined 3-site master plan (involving the development of land to the north of Church Road and at Gooseacre as well as the North West Radley site) and on an alternative less ambitious plan to develop the North West Radley (White’s Lane) site alone. The College report that 240 people attended the presentation, and 100 filled in a questionnaire recording their views. Of the 100 questionnaire respondents, 53% favoured the combined site proposals, 6% preferred the White’s Lane only proposal, 24% favoured neither proposal and 17% were unclear. The comments offered are recorded in full in the spreadsheet here.


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