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Whites Lane development – Street names

Discussions between the Vale planning authority and the developer, Pye Homes, are continuing about the 240 homes proposed for the White’s Lane/NW Radley site. Detailed planning consent has yet to be granted.

The Parish Council will be invited to suggest street names for the new development when detailed consent is in place and has been giving some thought to this in advance. We don’t know the exact number of streets to be named but possibly 10 -15. So far the ideas that have been proposed are that the streets should be named after 

  • Tenant farmers who farmed that piece of land in the past such as John Homewood, Charles Taylor and Gabriel Davis. This would provide a significant historical link.
  • Radley residents who made a valuable contribution to the village during their lifetime but are no longer living. One name suggested is Basil Crowley who spearheaded the Save Radley Lakes Campaign and served on the Parish Council for 15 years. This would provide a lasting legacy to their contribution.   

We would welcome your comments and any ideas of other former residents you would like to nominate. In order to restrict the choice, we are suggesting that you only nominate people who are no longer living, and who you think made a valuable contribution to the village during their lifetime.

If you would like to nominate someone please send your suggestion with a brief supporting statement to the Clerk by email or post.

More details of names already suggested

Historical Names suggested by the Radley History Club

Below is a very brief history of the North West Radley site and of the people who have farmed the land there  The precise history is uncertain but all the names in red had a clear connection with the site and can be used for street names with some confidence.


Prior to enclosure most of Radley’s land was farmed under the open field system, with large fields divided into furlongs and strips. We know the position in 1633 in great detail from a land terrier prepared then. The NWR site fell mainly within Hiching Field. The largest furlong, and the only one with a name, was Foxburrow (35 acres).

A survey in 1768 shows that all Radley’s fields had by then been enclosed and parcelled into new large tenant farms.   The old Foxburrow furlong was now part of Church Farm. A listing of fields in an 1804 deed indicates that this remained the position then.

The 1849 tithe award enables us to be more precise about fields as there is an accompanying map. Church Farm included a field called Foxboro (29 acres), a different spelling of the furlong in the 1633 terrier. The location and size of this field matches fairly closely the NWR site .


In 1633 some of the individual strips in Foxboro furlong was held by Radley Manor and by Wick Hall. Most were held by the following villagers: Henry Avery Senior, John Willis, Thomas Ayers, Walter Cox, Henry Avery Junior, Robert Harwood, John White, William Crouch, Thomas Nichols, Thomas Willis, Widow Crouch.

After enclosure, the tenants of Church Farm between 1768 and 1930 were, in chronological order, Gabriel Davis, Joseph Greenaway, Joshua Smith, George Fowles, Charles Taylor. There might also have been others who are not known

In 1929 the farm was bought by the Ballard family and became run by their son-in-law Arthur Greening and then his son John Greening. In the 1950s [check] it was sold to Radley College. The buildings became staff accommodation and the fields (including the NWR site) were added to Peachcroft Farm, also owned by the College. Charles Taylor was by now the Peachcroft tenant so became re-united with his old fields.  After his retirement the tenancy passed to his son-in-law John Homewood (and following his death Bill Homewood.)   


Names of deceased Radley residents who made a significant contribution to the Village during their lifetime.

Basil Crowley (1950- 2016) – Spearheaded the ‘Save Radley Lakes’ campaign and served on the Parish Council for 15 years.

Joy Alexander – First female Chairman of the Parish council and founder member of the Village History Club.

Ron Woodley –. He was the first Person to be elected ‘clerk of the Green Cloth’ when the traditional title was revived in in1998. He managed the Village Hall bar for many years with his wife Una.

David Buckle – Served on the Parish Council for 51 years from 1951- 2003 including two terms as Chairman. He also served on Oxfordshire County Council from 1989 – 2001 including a term as Chairman from 96 -97.  

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